KOTO, a culinary journey through Vietnam

Authoured by Tracey Lister and Andreas Pohl was released by Hardie Grant Australia, in 2008 and has since sold over 9000 copies.

This book will take you on a dish-by-dish journey through the regions of Vietnam: from the Northern Highlands to the Mekong Delta, from the busy streets in Hanoi to the quiet life in the French hill station, Dalat; from the Chinese-inspired cuisine of the north to the royal cuisine of the centre and the tropical fare of the south.

Stunningly photographed by Michael Fountoulakis, this book will inspire the gourmet traveller in us all.

Royalties donated to the KOTO, training project.

Vietnamese Street Food

VSF brings the team together that brought you “KOTO a culinary journey through Vietnam”.

With this book you will take some of the street life of Vietnam home with you. With over sixty recipes featuring some old favourites like Pho and Bun Cha to the more unusual like West Lake prawn cakes and Spring Rolls with Chinese sausage and dried prawns.

To be published in September 2011 by Hardie Grant Australia.

 Tiếng Việt 



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