Vietnamese Cuisine


Ha Noi and the Northern Highlands       1,260,000vnd

The Chinese culinary influence remains in the Capital and the Northern Highlands, but the dishes are truly Vietnamese. In this class we will prepare some old Hanoian favorites like caramel pork but will also explore some lesser known dishes from the highlands.

Banana flower salad; Seafood spring rolls; Caramel pork; Che.

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Food from the coast                                1,260,000vnd

On the comparatively dry southern coast, menus are built around fresh fish and the creative use of aromatics and spices, not to mention, for the Vietnamese, the comforting aroma of nuoc mam, fish sauce.

Squid cakes, Classic dipping sauce, Clams steamed in beer, Crab and pomelo salad, Prawn and green rice in betel leaf.

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Vietnamese Street Food                          1,260,000vnd

Take home some of the hustle and bustle of Ha Noi's unique street life by learning how to make some of the delicious food you have enjoyed on the streets of Vietnam.

Pho cuon, Nuoc cham, Beef noodle soup, West Lake prawn cakes, Green pawpaw salad, Banana Che.

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Vegan Tofu Cookery                                 1,260,000vnd

Vietnam produces some of the best tofu in the world, so make the most of it. In this class we will make some tofu dishes rarely seen outside pagodas.

Soy and chilli diping sauce, Tofu and green banana with turmeric, Tofu mushroom and green rice cakes, Fried tofu in tomato sauce, Lemongrass tofu.

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Spring Rolls                                                  1,260,000vnd

Not just prawn and pork! The humble spring roll reflects the changes in Vietnamese cuisine as you travel the length of Viet Nam. In this class we will take you on the journey from preparing the hearty seafood roll with mayonnaise from the north to the fragrant fresh rolls of the south.

Hue spring rolls, Fried spring rolls, Seafood spring rolls, Classic dipping sauce, Lacy spring rolls with tuna.

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BBQs and Salads                                        1,260,000vnd

On the hot and humid summer days in Viet Nam there is always the faint smell of smoke in the air, coming from the countless charcoal braziers on which family and restaurant meals are prepared. This class will cover a number of Vietnamese dishes that perfectly suit casual summer dining.

Classic dipping sauce, Mackerel grilled in banana leaf, Chicken, sesame and jiamaca salad, Beef in betel leaf, Fruit cup. 

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Upcoming Menu (Applied from September 2014)

Food from Hanoi: Ginger chicken; Banana flower salad; Prawn and omlette spring roll; Classic dipping sauce; Sweet corn and coconut soup.

Vietnamese Street Food: Beef noodle soup; BBQ pork two ways with rice noodles; Fried pork spring rolls; Green papaya salad; Fruit cup.

Spring Rolls: Lap Cheong and Jicama spring rolls; Beef and mustard leaf rolls; Fried pork spring rolls; Hue spring rolls; Pork skewers with rice paper.

Food from the Coast: Squid and pomelo salad; Caramel fish; Lacy spring rolls with prawn, crab and taro; Classic dipping sauce; Steamed sweet dumpling with mung beans.

Vegetarian: Bitter gourd filled with tofu; Tofu spring roll; Banana flower salad with peanuts and sesame; Taro cakes; Smokey eggplant with chilli and thai basil.

BBQ and Salads: BBQ pork ribs; Smokey eggplant with dried shrimps; Beef with green peppercorns; Cabbage and chicken salad; Seasonal fruit yogurt drink.


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